We help you to shape your financial future by making it simple to start investing.

When it comes to investing, most people end up letting some company make all the decisions for them.

This is because the process of investing has been made unnecessarily difficult. Margins, brokerages, ETFs, dividends…. it can start to sound like an alien language at times.

But investing is a proven strategy to build long-term wealth, so wouldn’t you prefer to actually understand what’s happening with your money? How can you be sure that the company you’ve entrusted with your cash is making the best decisions for you?

Why can’t you take control of your own investments?

At Rubicoin, we believe that investing is for everyone. We also believe that investing is one of the best ways to shape your financial future. That’s why we want to help you take control by making it easy to start investing for yourself.


Why Rubicoin?


We Get You Started

Not only do we help you to take that first step into the world of investing, but we help you to make sure that it’s in the right direction.

Our apps will guide you towards making educated decisions in your investing life by growing both your knowledge and your investment portfolio.


We Help You To Think Long-Term

We’re not into ‘get-rich-quick’ schemes.

It’s no coincidence that some of the world’s most successful investors hold on to investments for long periods of time. In fact, we’ve modeled our ‘buy-and-hold’ strategy on the approach taken by some of history’s greatest investing minds.

Let us introduce you to this strategy and mentor you on the temperament and discipline required to buy the stocks that you love and hold them.


We Encourage You To Diversify

What’s that saying about eggs and baskets?

Diversification is the silver bullet when it comes to investing, so Rubicoin makes it easy.

We feature a wide range of premium companies across different industries for you to invest in. We even organize the companies into different categories so that you can learn to differentiate between different types of investments.

We Guide You To Buy What You Believe In

Investing can be fun, and we’re out to prove that.

We feature companies that you know and love in our app. We help you to buy shares in the brands you interact with every day. We show you how to go beyond being just a customer and actually own a slice of some of the world’s biggest businesses.

Remember, when your favorite companies grow, your investments grow with them.


We Remind You To Invest What You Can, When You Can

Like most things in life, successful investing is built around good habits.


Rubicoin gives you straightforward instructions on how to buy shares and clear choices on what shares to buy throughout your investing journey.

We never, ever want you to invest more than you can afford. Our philosophy centers around the idea of building up your portfolio gradually with great companies. Through our apps, you’ll develop and grow your investing portfolio in a measured and sustainable way.

These are just some of the ways in which both of our investing apps help you to take control over your investing life.

At Rubicoin, we not only give you the means to start investing, but a way in which you can do it for yourself. Rubicoin is here to be your investing companion and make the journey beautiful, engaging, and enjoyable for all of our users.

We believe that everyone should be able to shape their own financial future.

Start right now with Rubicoin.

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