Our mission is to get the world investing successfully

Here at Rubicoin, we want to help people shape their financial future by making it easy to invest.

I co-founded Rubicoin with my old friend John under the simple belief that anyone can become a successful stock investor once given the right tools. All it takes is a little research, a lot of patience, and the temperament to stick to a simple set of rules through thick and thin.

We believe one good investment can change your life and we want everyone to have that opportunity. The hardest part is getting started.

When I graduated with a major in physics in 1996, the internet was just taking off and with it a whole new way to research and buy stocks.

But I did everything wrong. I bought shares on rumors, sold them on a whim, and didn’t understand or care about the rules that the greatest investing minds had developed. All stocks were going up regardless because there was a misconception that there were ‘new rules’.

That quickly changed when the dot-com crash hit, and years of significant gains were wiped out. I watched my house of cards cave in – made worse by the fact that I’d borrowed from my stockbroker to buy more shares. The original rules of investing had simply prevailed.

I lost all of my investments and it hurt. But instead of quitting, I decided to immerse myself in research and find out exactly what I’d done wrong.

Since that day, I’ve read everything I could find on the subject of stock investing. I went back to university to study finance, then back again to study business strategy. From the countless books, magazines, and papers I read, I noticed a common set of investing rules that are really pretty simple. I applied them to my own strategy from late 2000, and since then my average returns have been 24.4% per year.

What Rubicoin Does For You:

We Get You Started.

We want to move you from zero to one. We’re here to make the process beautiful, engaging and enjoyable.

We Help You Think Long-Term.

This isn’t a get-rich-quick scheme. This is a tried and tested approach to investing that will grow your overall wealth in the long-run.

We Encourage You To Diversify.

All the greatest stock investors agree that diversification is the key to success. A diverse portfolio means having interests in various sectors, protecting yourself from periods of volatility.

We Guide You To Buy What You Believe In.

Buy what you believe in from our showroom, because we believe in it too. There are over 7,000 stocks, we’ve handpicked the top 1%.

We Remind You To Invest What You Can, When You Can.

Never, ever, borrow money to buy stock. This is a long-term pursuit, and it should be treated as such. Invest a little every month and grow your portfolio slowly.

With the Invest by Rubicoin app, we’ve made the investing process easier than ever before. We regularly update our Showroom with the best companies on the U.S. stock market, and offer regular insights and updates about each.

Through our in-app brokerage services, we also allow you to invest quickly and securely from anywhere in the world.

Our vision is to create millions of successful stock investors across the world by making the process beautiful, engaging, and enjoyable. Rubicoin will be your companion, guiding you in your journey.

Take the first step of your investment journey with Rubicoin.


Emmet Savage
Chief Investor & Co-Founder

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